Brevard Shotokan Karate

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About Us

The Brevard Shotokan Karate Club has been training in the Shotokan style of Karate since it was founded in 1991. Our dojo is located in Merritt Island, at 4890 N. Courtenay Pkwy. We are members of the Japan Karate Association (external link) and the JKA American Federation (external link).


What is Karate-Do?

Karate is a martial art (method of combat), which employs a variety of physical techniques, including punches, kicks, blocks, and strikes. Karate puts an emphasis on the acquisition of spiritual insight and development. In traditional Karate-Do, it is always kept in mind that the true opponent is one's self and that the ultimate goals are to seek perfection of one’s character and to touch the lives of others in a positive way.

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Black Belts

Year Name Rank
1993 Yoshiaki Harada Shodan
Ron Lewis Shodan
1999 Hiro Nakayama Shodan
Jeff Watanabe Shodan
2000 Zane Tomlinson Shodan
2002 Anthony Moreno Shodan
Ron Lewis Nidan
Andrew Simons Shodan
2003 Ginger Crawford Shodan
Travis Crawford Shodan
Casey Huston Shodan
Trevor Lewis Shodan
Anna Welsh Shodan
2004 Craig Harmon Shodan
Tim Widrick Shodan
2005 Andrew Jevitt Shodan
Andrew Lavender Shodan
Zane Tomlinson Nidan
2006 Melissa Barretta Shodan
Kelsey Lewis Shodan
Craig Loisel Shodan
Art Stember Shodan
2007 Trevor Lewis Nidan
Alex Loisel Shodan
Victoria Loisel Shodan
Javier Simons Godan
Croce Todd Shodan
Arien Widrick Shodan
Devin Widrick Shodan
2008 Alexandra Gerace Shodan
Ron Lewis Sandan
Sean McGarvey Shodan
Tim Widrick Nidan
2009 Beth Loisel Shodan
Dee Widrick Shodan
2010 Craig Loisel Nidan
2011 Aaron Jevitt Shodan
Victoria Loisel Nidan
Sean Wolff Shodan
Tom Wolk Shodan
2012 Grant Anderson Shodan
Kyle Thurow Shodan
2013 Katie Herman Shodan
Noah Huff Shodan
Steve Swichkow Shodan
2014 Justin Dishong Shodan
Amelia Howard Shodan
David Howard Shodan
Kristen Ling Shodan
Jason Miller Shodan
Emma Pearcy Shodan